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Atomic Pilates. How to build an unstoppable Pilates Habit

Busy people, put your masks on first.

In the quest to look after ourselves and others, for a strong and flexible body, also for health and well being, Pilates is a powerful choice for those of us who want to transform their physicality and energy levels. Establishing a consistent Pilates practice can be challenging though. Especially so, for busy people like working Mums, who find it hard to prioritise their own needs

Atomic Pilates

Getting inspired by the book "Atomic Habits," by James Clear, lets look at how to create a sustainable Pilates routine by incorporating self-practice at home and attending attending studio or Reformer Pilates classes. James Clear emphasizes the power of small habits and their cumulative impact on long-term success. By using habit stacking and setting ourselves up for success with small, achievable goals, we can pave our way to a strong and balanced body.

Why Atomic Habits ?

Establishing a habit begins with consistency, and gradually adding small increments of Pilates practice each day will contribute to noticeable progress over time. Frequency of habits is more imporant for success than length of time given to the habit. So that 5 minutes a day every day or even most days will achieve more than you might imagine over weeks and months. Atomic, because small is powerful, like an atom. Big impressive things are made from tiny atoms.

How to do Habit Stacking for Pilates

Habit stacking is linking a new behavior to an existing habit, making it easier to establish. To integrate Pilates benefits effortlessly into your routine, try to identify an established habit like brushing your teeth or making coffee, and stack your Pilates practice immediately before or after it. This pairing of an ingrained habit with a new habit will create a trigger that reminds you to practice your Pilates routine consistently also bypassing the need for willpower.

Celebrate how a low bar creates success

One of the reasons people often struggle to create a consistent Pilates practice is the high bar they set for themselves. They expect themselves to do a half hour sequence each day and feel a semse of failure when they don't manage it. Instead, set easy, achievable goals that require minimal effort. This alternate plan will quickly establish a sense of accomplishment. Start by committing to just a few minutes of self-practice each day, or even a single exercise like the Hundreds. This low threshold increases the likelihood of you sticking to it, and gradually developing the habit of regular Pilates practice. Also celebrate and congratulate yourself for each and every practice you do. This habit of celebration helps glue your Pilates habit to feeling good about yourself

Creating a visual trigger for Pilates Practice at Home.

Self-practice at home provides flexibility and convenience. Set up a designated Pilates space that is free from distractions and equip it with a Pilates mat, resistance bands, and any other Pilates props you may need. This Pilates space will act as a visual trigger for your Pilates habit. Make it obvious Pilates is part of your life at home. Use our Turning Tide Pilates You Tube channel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PZ9nF9JBOew

 or our online tutorials to guide your self-practice sessions. Start with simple exercises and gradually increase intensity and complexity as you grow more comfortable and confident, or when you need more challenge.

Get the Reformer Habit

Studio or Reformer Pilates classes at Turning Tide Pilates offer unique benefits, including our professional guidance and access to our specialized professional Pilates equipment. Our small group or one to one Pilates classes here in Titirangi provide accountability and the opportunity to deepen your practice. We are a reputable studio that aims to align with your goals and schedule. That allows you to allocate specific days and times in your weekly routine for attending Pilates classes, and be consistent. Embrace the challenges and let the supportive environment of a class at Turning Tide Pilates keep you motivated and engaged.

Big wins over time with Atomic Pilates

Creating a Pilates routine that combines self-practice at home and Reformer Pilates classes is an effective approach to develop a sustainable and rewarding practice. By applying the principles of "Atomic Habits," such as habit stacking and setting a low bar for success, always celebrating our practice and using visual cues to strengthen the Pilates practice habit, we can overcome the barriers to consistency. Remember, building a strong and balanced body is a long steady hike, not a sprint. Embrace the process, celebrate the small wins, and watch as your Pilates practice becomes an integral part of your daily life.


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