Turning Tide Pilates Studio Timetable

We have group classes 6 mornings and 3 evenings a week, currently 18 classes each week. Our class times are designed to allow you to visit the studio before or after work and between school drop offs.

Our One to One classes are organised to suit each individual person and their schedule. 

Because we teach you your own tailored programme, as an individual within a small group class with a maximum of 5 people, we can accommodate different levels of experience and progress within the same class. 

We can also accommodate beginner or rehab clients in our small group classes after initial introductory and assessment one to one class or classes have been taken.

All new clients need to take an initial Introduction and Assessment session so we can design your programme according to your goals and needs. We also discuss a plan and give you feedback on your likely timeline for progress.

Turning Tide Pilates Prices

One to One Intro and Assessment

$115 / class

Private One to One Introduction and Assessment Class

70 minutes
One person

​Pilates Reformer Class

$58 / class

$498  block of 10 classes valid 3 calendar months 
$262  block of 5 classes valid 2 calendar months
$976  block of 20 classes valid 5 calendar months

55/60 minutes
Max 5 people

One to One Pilates Reformer Class

$110/ class

$940 block of 10 classes valid 3 calendar months

$495 block of 5 classes valid 2 calendar months 

55 minutes

Shared private 2 people $140

Online Pilates Mat and Home Reformer Classes

$110 / class

$940 block of 10 classes valid 3 calendar months
$495 block of 5 classes valid 2 calendar months

55 minutes


Turning Tide Pilates Studio always offers a high level of individual input and expertise from your teacher.

To sustain this quality of teaching with our "quality rather than quantity philosophy," and small class sizes we do need to charge for no-shows and late rebooking / cancellations.

Please note that we require a full 24 hours notice to cancel or rebook appointments.  Please give notice to cancel or rebook by phone call or text to your teacher as soon as possible.

The full charge will be taken for missed or late cancelled/ rebooked appointments.

Many thanks for your understanding.



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