At Turning Tide Pilates in Titirangi, West Auckland, our purpose is to help you live a life you love.

If you want to improve your strength , flexibility and posture or regain mobility and confidence, you are in the right place. Our garden based, serene studio space will not only empower you to transform your physical health, but strengthen your mind and spirit too.

We are so glad that you are interested to share our passion for Pilates. We live and breathe it ! In fact our teachers are fully trained in internationally recognised trainings covering the scientifically grounded and guiding principles of Joe Pilates, plus anatomy and physiology and our years of experience. We know our passion and expertise can inspire and guide you physically to live your best life.

Will you join us for the best Reformer Pilates in Titirangi, West Auckland?

Nominated for:
• Excellence in Customer Service
• Excellence in Marketing

Auckland Business Awards

WINNER Pilates Studio of the Year 2021

Auckland APAC Insider Biz Awards

We are proud to have been nominated by our clients and to have won this recognition for our work.

All new clients need to take an initial Introduction and Assessment session so we can design your programme according to your goals and needs. We also discuss a plan and give you feedback on your likely timeline for progress.

​Who is Turning Tide Pilates : Our Story

We have always been awed by the power of the tide. The ocean is a constant source of renewal and symbolises the ever-present possibility of change. Just like the power in waves rolling and flowing , movement is a strong natural force for health, energy, strength, and flexibility in body and mind .

We live and breathe the Pilates difference

Yes, reformer pilates is a great way to strengthen your core, tone your body, improve your posture and increase your range of movement. But, it is so much more than that.

Pilates challenges you to be stronger, faster and better. With focused sessions on the Pilates Reformer, the Wunda chair, Trapeze table and Pilates arc and barrel, that work every part of your body and with personal attention from our teachers, you will experience real results.You will need to commit too, to regular weekly sessions and 2 classes is ideal.

Where is Turning Tide Pilates?

If you are looking for Reformer Pilates or Studio Pilates in Titirangi, West Auckland, then Turning Tide Pilates is the place for you. We are based in beautiful Titirangi, out west.

If you are a local, you will already understand the serene beauty of Titirangi. And while our studio is welcoming and tranquil, it is also a place to get in a great workout.

Our sessions utilise state of the art Pilates studio equipment including the Pilates Reformer, Pilates Wunda Chair, Pilates Tower and Cadillac  plus Pilates arcs and barrels, for a total body workout. Join us for regular small-group classes, one-to-one sessions, two to one classes, Pilates Mastery workshops, coaching for Pilates teachers and clients or online classes.

Our Goal is to empower people of all ages and physical abilities to develop stronger and more flexible bodies so that they can get even more out of life.

What our clients have to say

Pilates really targets

Tight muscles and sore hips, these have been my problems for quite a few years, I wanted something different to going to the gym. I needed to stretch!  I also work outdoors in the garden, it is quite strenuous. I know from experience that if I stop stretching and strengthening muscles I will soon start feeling hip pain. I find Pilates is perfect for me at this time of my life. It really targets the specific things I need to focus on. 

Deirdre G

Positive changes to physical and emotional wellbeing

Prior to Pilates I felt sluggish and experienced joint stiffness along with muscle tension and stress. I feel more energised and have noticed more than an incremental improvement in coordination, strength and wellbeing. I would recommend Turning Tide Pilates to anyone seeking to make positive changes in their physical and emotional wellbeing. Sue’s in-depth knowledge and teaching practice has helped me achieve these goals. 

Kim K 

It’s like therapy for your body

I had lower back problems, shoulder movement was restricted and my posture was not very good.  Since doing Pilates, I find my core is very strong compared to before. I can out plank my husband. I use my core for walking so not to put pressure on my back. Love the core strength! I would advise you to give it a real go. Pilates is a process, you are not going to get results overnight. I’m a true converted Pilates girl! It’s like therapy for your body. 

Gitisha R 



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