Staying fit with Pilates

One day it happens… you realise that your body doesn’t quite move in the way that it used to. It’s harder to bend, twist, jump and recover. Dare we say it… you start to feel a little “old”. But you love fitness, and you definitely want to remain healthy and strong.

Enter Turning Tide Pilates Studio

Hi, I’m Sue Nash. I’m the passionate, dance and music, and animal-loving, composting, smoothie-drinking, Pilates Mistress and founder of Turning Tide Pilates.

I am passionate about helping people achieve their life and fitness goals through Pilates. I know what it is like to recover from injury and work to keep your body fit and healthy in your 30's, 40s, 50's and well beyond.

Let us share our expertise to help you be fitter, stronger and more flexible.

Sue's Story

I have always loved music and dance. That’s why I built a career as a choreographer. I am fascinated by the movement and power of the body and how it responds to our demands.

But, when I was 38, I started to feel a little “old” in my contemporary dance practice. So, I hunted out a different approach to exercise. On top of my kayaking, walking, swimming and martial arts, of course!

After a series of experiments at my local gym, it was the Mind, Body and Spirit classes that spoke to me. When I first walked into a Pilates Studio and saw the Reformers and other equipment at work, I knew I was home. I knew my calling was to become a Pilates teacher.

And the rest is history.

I immersed myself in the study of Pilates. I trained under teachers that worked with Joe Pilates himself. Even though I am now 20 years into my Pilates journey, I am still thirsty to learn more!

The most rewarding part is that I get to help other people transform their lives too. Not just physically, but within their minds and spirits as well. I love that I can attune Pilates to your goals and empower you to create a life of health and vitality.

I also love that I am backed by a team of amazing teachers that are just as passionate about Pilates as I am.

Meet Andrea

Hi, I am Andrea. I’m a Senior Pilates Teacher here at Turning Tide.

What can I say… I love Pilates. I truly believe it is a mindful movement practice that complements our lives - whether it be in our daily routines or a physical goal that we may be trying to achieve.

I have been practising Pilates for 14 years and will probably still be practising it for another 20 years!

When I’m not at the studio, you will probably find me hitting the freedom of the Auckland waterways on my stand-up paddle board, rediscovering my own backyard by exploring NZ in my teardrop caravan, or going through the creative process of sewing my own garments.

Oh, and I will of course be doing it all with my husband, while Cookie the cat stays home.

Why Turning Tide?

The name Turning Tide is a nod to the power of the Tide - the sense of constant renewal and the possibility of change that it symbolises. Just like the waves, movement is a force for health, energy, strength, and flexibility in mind and body.

Turning Tide Pilates Studio is a place to inspire movement and calm, be closer to nature, invest in your self-care, move towards your life goals and actively prioritise your health.

Will you join us?

What our clients have to say

I am so much stronger and more flexible

"Sue has been mine and my husband’s Pilates instructor for two years. Sue has basically helped me strengthen my spine and surrounding muscles from the tailbone up in a way that has made it safe and injury free for me (I had a back injury when I was in my teens). I have never stuck at one type of exercise for so long and so consistently. Sue is caring and honours the integrity of quality Pilates instruction. I am so much stronger and more flexible. Thank you Sue for bringing your studio to West Auckland."

Tracey & Mick S

I am now pain free

"I am 48 and reasonably fit and strong but after being hospitalised for a chronic back spasm I was desperate and my partner recommended Turning Tide Pilates. Honestly I was sceptical but with Sue's care and expertise I am now pain free. Classes are small so you get almost one to one attention. Initially Sue tailored a programme to suit my limitations and then step by step extended my classes and I am now experiencing significantly improved strength and flexibility. I recommend Pilates and in particular Sue and Andrea at Turning Tide to anyone who wants a personalised programme to suit their specific needs and goals."

Richard W

Personalised Programme

"I really love going to Turning Tide Pilates with Sue and Andrea at the helm. They are both excellent Pilates instructors. Both are highly experienced, but warm and relaxed in their method. I love how each student has a personalised programme to relieve, strengthen and rebuild our individual body challenges. There's nowhere else like it!"

Vicki D



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