​What fitness level is needed for Pilates?

Pilates can be for beginners, advanced students, athletes and anyone in between. It is a powerful yet intelligent, targeted activity that works to strengthen your body regardless of age, occupation or body type. 

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Can I do Reformer Pilates if I have an injury?

Pilates is a great way to help you recover from muscular and joint injuries. Let your teacher know about your injury and they will be able to recommend exercises to repair and strengthen the area.

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Does Reformer Pilates help with bad posture?

Pilates helps to align your spine and strengthen your back extensors and your core which improves your posture and allows you to stand taller and straighter.

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Can Pilates improve bone density or scoliosis?

Pilates is shown to help bone density in the low back and works well for improving scoliosis outcomes. Pilates focuses on exercises that strengthen your limbs as well as the core muscles which support your spine and keep your body balanced. It helps to increase bone density by challenging you to move your limbs against the force of gravity, spring resistance and your own body weight in a safe way. By improving your range of movement, your awareness and posture, your bones are also kept in alignment as they become stronger.

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Is Pilates good for you?

Pilates is a great form of exercise that strengthens you overall, targets your core muscles and improves your breathing, helps your posture and increases your overall strength and well-being. So, yes! It is good for you.

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Is Reformer Pilates good for weight loss?

Pilates is a muscle building form of exercise that helps you to tone your body by building lean muscle and improving posture. While effective at helping you safely achieve and maintain a healthy weight, Pilates is most effective combined with some higher intensity cardio activities to power a weight change campaign.

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Can I take Pilates as a Senior?

Yes! Pilates is a great form of muscle and bone strengthening exercise for all ages. It helps to strengthen core muscles that improve posture and balance, plus it stabilizes joints and reduces the risk of injury. Pilates is encouraging and empowering to the aging body not punishing.

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What should I wear for Pilates?

Wear your normal active wear but please make sure you have no heavy seams, ZIPS or metal buttons, studs as these can damage our valuable equipment.

Wear clean cotton socks and preferably non-slip Pilates socks. We sell Pilates socks and a range of small items for home practice.

Jewellery and watches can also damage the equipment so please remove or turn diamond rings inwards when working out.

Men should wear track suit pants or workout shorts. Please wear a pair of snug lycra shorts underneath (like rugby players and footballers) 

Turning Tide Pilates Titirangi

Where can I park at Turning Tide Studio?

There is unrestricted parking for clients on the road outside the house we are based in. Come in through the garden gate to the right of the house and follow the path around to a couple of steps leading up to our door with our Turning Tide sign. Please park on "our" side of the street. Driveway parking at no. 19 is reserved for teachers and our upstairs neighbours.



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