Tailor-made Reformer Pilates Classes

At Turning Tide Pilates we design each individual person’s class to meet their needs and their health goals. Even within a small group class (max 5 people) each person is given their own specific routine of exercises on the Pilates equipment, adapted to support their progress. In this way we teach and empower you to accomplish your health goals, work safely on weaker or injured areas and learn to recognise and change your physical patterning. 

Before beginning with us you will need to undergo a Pilates Intro and Assessment class.

Pilates intro and assessment session

To help us achieve a high level of commitment to every one of our clients, all new clients need to take a one-to-one Introductory and Assessment session with their teacher. This ensures that we can create a plan for your individual progress with Pilates and that any class you join will be suitable for you. The Pilates Intro and Assessment class allows us to create a baseline for your progress and ensure that you have a good grasp of the basic Pilates techniques and use of equipment before joining a group class. It also allows you to interview us and settle any questions you may have for us. 

You may be asked to take some additional private classes after your initial assessment to safely learn the technique and also it is likely you will need more private classes if you are injured / have complex health needs.

We review progress

We have regular Assessment reviews with all our clients, we review and feedback on your progress together at around the 10 to 12-week point of your journey with us informally and again about 3 months later. Once you are a regular Turning Tide Pilates client we review progress with you informally every 6 months or upon request.

Book your introduction and assessment session

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