We can teach you Pilates online in the comfort and convenience of your own home

Become part of our Turning Tide Pilates for Life Community from your home. To make our teaching accessible New Zealand wide and beyond, we are now teaching one-to-one Pilates online classes on the mat or on your home pilates reformer or studio equipment. Suitable for clients and Pilates teachers.

Giving you all the benefits of our individually tailored classes but from your home.

Your busy schedule, your location, the distance from Turning Tide Studio in Titirangi, traffic, family or work commitments, illness, etcetera, none of these need to get in the way of your commitment to your fitness, health and wellbeing.

Here at Turning Tide Pilates we will support you, teach you and welcome you to Pilates online with the same expertise, focus on your needs and goals and with the same warmth as when we teach our clients in person at our studio.

Pilates for Life

All new clients need to take an initial Introduction and Assessment session so we can design your programme according to your goals and needs. We also discuss a plan and give you feedback on your likely timeline for progress.



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