What are our Pilates super powers at Turning Tide Pilates ?

What are our Pilates Superpowers at Turning Tide Pilates ?

We specialise in teaching Pilates Reformer and Pilates studio equipment classes in Titirangi West Auckland. That means teaching Intelligent exercise, personally tailored to the individual client. Looking at where they are now and where they want to get to, we design an approach that really sees each person with their unique situation, wants and needs. 

What is different about Pilates at Turning Tide ?

Our approach nurtures mind, body and spirit as a power team, through focussed and challenging Pilates movement sequences. We use breath patterns and specific mental focus to strengthen mind-body connection, intention and tensile strength. We joyfully maintain a welcoming, inclusive, non-judgemental environment encouraging body positive imagery and language.

Why are we called “Turning Tide” Pilates?

Our name Turning Tide reflects a belief in the power of Pilates to renew, strengthen, regenerate and carry us safely through times of change. Like the resurgence of the Tide, movement is a powerful force for gathering vitality and better health. The patterns of our lives ebb and flow, times of forward energy, accomplishment, power and in contrast, times of retreat, repair and rest. We need to respect the ebb and flow of energy and life force in our choice of exercise. Pilates can be a constant positive force through different life stages and challenging external events. 

​What is our intention ?

We educate and empower our clients to use Pilates to improve their everyday life and health outside the studio as well as their fitness, strength, flexibility and posture in the studio. We teach Pilates Classes on the Pilates Reformer and other equipment, the way that Joe Pilates taught in the first ever Pilates studio. Each person works to their own individually tailored class plan.

​What is our unique identity and promise at Turning Tide Pilates ?

We are a thriving Pilates Reformer and studio Equipment centre based in Titirangi, West Auckland.

We love to joyfully share our expertise and move our clients to stand tall and strong as they travel the song-lines of their lives. 

If you work with us, we will hold your hand when needed and always put a spring in your step 

as we journey together on this life voyage to our best health, strength and vitality.


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