Pilates Online can be made for you and your needs

Busy Life, take it online.

We know that life is busy. Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, you just can’t find a Pilates class that you can fit into your hectic schedule. Or ,you had a great schedule, but lock down levels are making it impossible to keep to.

Instead of rearranging your life to fit in with a class, you can choose a Pilates online time that suits your commitments. Suddenly, it becomes so much easier to show up regularly and relax into your exercise routine.

Save Precious Time

Choosing a class or a habit always involves a time commitment. Most of the time, we are happy to invest that time as you get so much in return. Unfortunately, commuting time does not give those same rewards!

When you choose online Pilates lessons, you don’t have to carve out extra time to drive to a studio (dealing with traffic on the way, of course) and find a park. Even better, if you have kids, you don’t need to find someone to watch them! Simply log in at home and get going – no drama, no stress. The advantages to online Pilates during lockdown are even more obvious.

Do Your Pilates Anywhere

Whether you are locked down at home or fitting a workout in during your lunch break at the office, Pilates is available wherever you are with Turning Tide Pilates. All you need is a small space to exercise and an internet connection. 

If you have a reformer at home, excellent. If not, mat classes can be done almost anywhere with a little space and a few  easy props or handy household objects for resistance.

Create Your Ideal Environment

While our Titirangi Pilates studio is peaceful and tranquil, you don’t have to be there with us to get in the right mindset for a relaxing and empowering Pilates workout. 

When you have your own space to do Pilates in, you can make it your own tranquil exercise haven. Light some scented candles or use essential oils to set the scene, put on your favourite music, and exercise in the comfort of your own space. 

No noisy gyms or grunting, sweaty weightlifters to contend with!

Personal Attention At Your Own Pace

Here at Turning Tide Pilates, our online Pilates classes give you just as much guidance and attention as our studio lessons. We ensure that is the case by only offering small-group or one-to-one sessions. 

Thanks to the wonders of technology, our instructors can still lead you through the sessions safely and give you an effective workout tailor-made to your needs. With the power of video, we can ensure that you are completing the moves correctly, and help you to perfect your form. 

How Do Online Classes Work?

Online Pilates classes offer a powerful, resistance based workout with a  great focus on both physical and mental wellbeing . If you are unable to attend your regular classes, hit the gym, or just can’t find the time to get to a studio, Pilates online is the perfect option to keep you active, stretch those stiff muscles, and provide some tranquillity and relief from daily stressors. 

With a few simple pieces of equipment and a dedicated online instructor, you can get all the benefits of Pilates anywhere, anytime.

If you would like to know more about how you can book an online Pilates class, then you can book an introductory session by clicking here


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