Move to better health

Moving for health

The greatest threat to our health, in this age of the internet, computer and TV is not moving enough. Many people are doing less and spending longer in front of screens. We know that sitting is the new smoking as they say and its contribution to the obesity epidemic is well covered.

Sadly, it is not even enough to be a weekend warrior if you spend all week at a desk. We need to move for a few minutes in every hour as well.

Here’s why. 

Our moving calf muscles act as pumps, squeezing the blood vessels and pushing the blood back to the heart against the force of gravity. When we sit the blood pools in the lower legs. Vital organs, including the brain, are not getting the full flow of nutrients that they need. 

Our muscles and joints pump lymphatic fluid around the body. The lymph is dependent on movement to carry toxins out and bring antibodies in.

We also need movement to learn. Our nervous system gathers and organises information physically. We learn better by doing.

The internal organs get a daily self-massaging effect from our diaphragm, core and postural muscles, but not if we sit. Our digestion for example can slow down without this effect. Our bodies are designed to work beautifully with regular doses of movement so “get up out of your chair and move ‘til you feel better.” 


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