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Men and Pilates

Is Pilates good for Men ?

Pilates has long been associated with women, often thought of as a workout primarily designed for them. However, this is a misunderstanding it would be good to correct. Pilates was invented by a man, Joe Pilates, and he focussed mostly on men, and working with men, but did not exclude women. The reasons that Pilates was mainly co-opted by women is multifaceted and I’ll talk about that story in another blog. Pilates is a suitable and effective exercise regime for men as well, offering numerous physical and mental benefits. Let’s dig into why and how men can benefit from practicing Pilates.

How does core strength work benefit men ?

Core Strength and Stability: One of the key focus areas in Pilates is core strength. Strong core muscles are crucial for men as they provide stability and support for the entire body. The core muscles include the abdominals, back muscles, and pelvic floor muscles. Pilates exercises target these muscles, helping to build a stable and solid foundation, which is essential for optimal performance in everyday life, in sports and other physical activities. And actually essential to blance and support the upper body strength that naturally defines the male physique.


How Pilates brings flexibility to men.

Improved Flexibility: Flexibility plays a vital role in maintaining overall fitness and preventing injuries. Pilates incorporates stretching and lengthening exercises that improve flexibility, making it an excellent addition to your workout routine. Men, especially those engaged in strength training or sports that require explosive movements, can benefit greatly from the increased flexibility that Pilates offers. Improved flexibility can enhance range of motion, posture, and overall athletic performance. Aches and pains can be relieved by stretching and low back pain  can be managed better through a Pilates approach that includes stretching. We have lots of experience and success helping active men to overcome low back pain here at Turning Tide Pilates.

Can Pilates help men prevent sporting injuries ?

Injury Prevention: Men are often more prone to certain injuries, particularly injuries to the shoulders and lower back. Poor posture, overuse, over-training and repetitive, loaded movements can contribute to these injuries. Pilates focuses on proper alignment, postural correction, and balanced muscle development, reducing the risk of injuries. With increased body awareness and improved movement patterns, men can pro-actively prevent injuries, reduce pain and discomfort and recover from injuries better. The Pilates Reformer and other Pilates studio equipment have a unique and powerful approach to rehab and support for injuries and injury prevention.

Men and Athletic Performance in Pilates

Enhances Athletic Performance: Pilates is a well-rounded exercise method that targets strength, flexibility, balance, and coordination. These elements are beneficial for athletes of all levels and various sports. Incorporating Pilates into their training routine can help men develop more power, stability, and control. The exercises challenge different muscle groups, improve body awareness, and enhance proprioception, leading to better sports performance and reduced risk of injuries. It's well known that many world class sports teams ( yes, the All Blacks too ) use Pilates Reformer work in their routines. 

Other benefits for Men doing Pilates

Mental Focus and Stress Relief: Pilates is not just about the physical aspect; it also brings mental benefits. The concentration and focus required during Pilates exercises can help men improve their mental clarity and stress management. The mind-body connection nurtured in Pilates can contribute to increased mindfulness and reduced anxiety. Men often experience high levels of stress due to work and other commitments, and Pilates provides a space to reconnect with the body and promote mental well-being. Ways of integrating the breath with movement are taught in Pilates and this is a great way in to stress management and mental well being techniques.

How to Start Pilates as a Man:

 1. Find a Qualified Teacher: Working with a qualified Pilates teacher, like the teachers here at Turning Tide Pilates, who understand the specific needs and goals of men is crucial. We can tailor the exercises to individual requirements and ensure proper form and technique.

2. Start with Intro level Classes: It's essential to begin with intro-level classes to learn the fundamentals of Pilates and develop a strong foundation. This will help to prevent injuries and build strength progressively. We offer all our clients Intro classes to start with and tailor the classes going forward to match your goals and individual challenges.

3. Be Open-Minded: Pilates may be very different from other exercises you're used to, but it's important to approach it with an open mind. Embrace the movements, focus on proper alignment, and allow yourself to explore the mind-body connection that Pilates offers. Be confident that Pilates is a tried and tested method that has stood the test of time, for nearly 100 years !

4. Be Consistent: Consistency is key to reaping the benefits of Pilates. Aim for regular practice, whether it's attending classes and/ or practicing at home. Even two to three sessions per week can create positive changes in strength, flexibility, and overall fitness. Turning Tide offers a variety of class times and classes on different Pilates Equipment that challenge the body in unique ways. The Reformer, The Wunda Chair, Cadillac and Pilates arc, all offer different challenges to build your fitness.

Pilates is not just for women

In conclusion, Pilates is not just for women. Men can benefit greatly from incorporating Pilates into their fitness routine. Improved core strength, flexibility, injury prevention, enhanced athletic performance, and mental clarity are just a few of the advantages Pilates offers. So, men, don't shy away from trying Pilates and discovering how it can transform your mind and body. We welcome men into our studio at Turning Tide Pilates and love to celebrate the achievements Pilates brings to our male clients.


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