Take a Wellness Break or Workshop with Turning Tide Pilates Retreats and Holidays

Dive in and deepen your Pilates practice with our Turning Tide Pilates Retreats, Pilates Workshops and Pilates Holidays. Designed to delight your body and spirit and to create clarity and calm for your mind.

Run over 1 or 2 evening Workshops or 3 Days Retreat with limited numbers.

Pilates Mastery Workshops at our Home studio

Dates:  March 3rd  2022    6 - 7.30pm  
          :  March 17th 2022   6 - 7.30pm

Are you a Pilates client or Pilates teacher wanting to reach new levels of challenge and achievement in your Pilates practice with some exciting personal outcomes? Reach up to the next level of Pilates Mastery with us on the Reformer, Cadillac, Mat and Wunda Chair.

  • Evening Mastery Workshops 6pm to 7.30pm
  •  Revitalise your Core Strength and your Pilates Technique
  •  Pilates Reformer Advanced Exercises step by step   
  • Pilates Cadillac, Reformer and Wunda Chair Advanced Exercises adapted for you 
  •  Pilates Mat Work Advanced Exercises to practice at home and support your higher level practice 
  •  Individual consult before and check in after the workshop
  • Cost: Each Workshop $75   6 clients max  

Pilates and Wellness Holiday

Autumn 2022

Location Details TBC 

We are negotiating with a wonderful venue in Long Bay to offer you an amazing rejuvenating holiday.

Pilates Classes and fitness consults from Susan and Andrea at Turning Tide Pilates, guided walks and group activities with holiday concierge Mary Phillips and Mindfulness training and re-set from Professor Suzanne Henwood. Plus body work,meditation, journaling, nutritious food and all at an amazing location and an amazing price.

Cost TBC

Contact us below and let us know WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR!


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